Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions 

1. Issue #3 - #HIVHEROES Limited Edition

The Issue #3 - Limited Edition has been printed only 3.000 times with the blood of HIV+ donors.
The Issue #3 - Standard Edition has been printed 15.000 times.

1.1 The Blood Processing
In the printing process of the Issue #3 - Limited Edition the printing ink has been mixed with the blood of three HIV-positive donors.
The donors have agreed to give their blood for this specific reason and agreed to contribute their story to the magazine.
The blood has been tested of HIV and other harmful viruses and then been autoclaved (sterilized).
This is a standard precedure to deactivate all kinds of viruses in the blood and is accepted in Europe and the US to be a 100% safe way to do so.
After the autoclaving the blood has been tested again and o viruses have been found. 
The renown Medical University of Innsbruck has been responsible for the medical processes.

1.2 Safety
There is no possibility for any physical damage through the magazine.

In order to prevent psychological damage the magazine has been packed in a sealed wrapper
to give any third party the chance to decide by themselves to touch the magazine.
In order to avoid to shock any third party please keep the magazine in the resealable wrapper.

1.3 Waranty 
By purchasing this magazine, you expressly waive any right you may have against SAATCHI & SAATCHI and the VANGARDIST Media GmbH to claim for damages in relation to this campaign and the purchase of the VANGARDIST magazine. No transfer of this magazine is allowed except to a person she agrees to the forgoing.

1.4 International Law
This campaign and the magazine have been produced according to national law for Austria, Germany and Switzerland.
By moving the edition to an other country as the foregoing VANGARDIST and SAATCHI & SAATCHI can not be held responsible for any damages cause by the local law and any lawsuits at the new destination. 


2. General Provisions

This General Terms and Conditions (GTC) shall apply to all users of this online service for ordering at the VANGARDIST Online Store. 
The online service is provided by VANGARDIST Media GmbH, Mariahilfer Straße 49 Top 15, A-1060 Wien in cooperation with Shopify Inc., 126 York St. Ottawa, Ontario K1N 5T5, Canada.
Any differing and/or additional agreements and/or supplementary arrangements require an express written confirmation of the user and VANGARDIST Media GmbH to be effective.
If parts of these GTC are or become ineffective, the effectiveness of the remaining clauses thereby will not be affected. A valid one with a similar spirit and purpose will substitute the invalid regulation. 


Subject of Performance

 The subject of performance under these GTC is the order and delivery of the VANGARDIST Magazines to the user. 

The VANGARDIST Collector`s Edition is a high-quality fashion magazine with editorial content without any offending, violent glorifying, racialist, discriminating and/or pornographic content. 


2. Order and refund policy

The user orders the VANGARDIST Collector`s Edition by using the interface provided on the  HYPERLINK "https://vangardist-print-issue.myshopify.com" https://vangardist-print-issue.myshopify.com 

It is forbidden to order magazines for other purposes than private use. 
By pressing the button “zustimmen und zahlen” (agree and pay) a contract between the user and VANGARDIST Media GmbH is achieved.
To order in the VANGARDIST Online Store the user shall submit his/her first and last name, email address, shipping address, billing address, telephone number and his/her payment credentials in order to process the orders and enable the ordered goods to be shipped.
After conclusion of the payment process the user will get a confirmation proving the receipt of the order via email from VANGARDIST Media GmbH.
The offer to order is valid only as long as the supply lasts. In case all magazines run out the user will get information via email.



After ordering the magazine VANGARDIST Media GmbH will need a maximum of 1-3 working days for processing the order and handing it over to the first carrier. 

Estimated delivery time in the D.A.CH region will not exceed 5-7 working days. VANGARDIST Media GmbH assumes no guarantee that the carrier meets this timeline. In case the magazine will be delivered later than estimated the user is not entitled to withdraw from the contract. The delivery is undertaken at the risk of the user.
VANGARDIST Media GmbH assumes no guarantee that the magazine is damaged by the carrier even the magazine is no longer legible. In this case the user is not entitled to withdraw from the contract.